When is an outdoor grill not worth repairing?

It is hard to determine the conditon of an outdoor grill without actually seeing it.  There are occasions when an outdoor grill should be replaced instead of repaired.  In my experience, there are three conditions that make an outdoor grill not worth repairing.


1. The overall condition of the grill firebox has deteriorated to the point that new parts can not be installed.  Lets face it, all the parts: burners, ignition systems, etc are hung on the firebox.  If the firebox is rusted or corroded to the point that they will not support new parts, its time for a new grill.  I usually only see this with grills that use sheet metal or lower grades of stainless steel.

2. The grill is no longer manufactured and parts are no longer available.  Even then, there are aftermarket parts and some parts are used by many different companies so these parts can be interchanged.  I usually only see this with obscure grill brands and I have not found a grill brand or model that I have been unable to get, or fabricate parts for, yet.

3. The cost to repair the grill is close to or more than the cost of a new one.  If you paid less than $500.00 for a grill, then it may not be worth it to put another $200.00 dollars in to fix it.  If, however, you paid $1000.00 or more, then $200.00 to fix it may be worth it.  This should be YOUR decision, and should not be made for you by someone over the phone.

 In general, the parts to repair less expensive grills cost less than the parts to repair the more expensive grills.  This makes sense because one thing that helps keep the cost down on less expensive grills is the use of less expensive parts to begin with.  Unfortunately the less expensive parts may need to be replaced more often as they will not last as long.

 If you are concerned about whether or not your grill is worth repairing, give me a call and I will do my best to give you a ball park idea of what it may cost to repair.  This is the best I can do without actually seeing the grill.





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